The National Football League’s Transparency on Concussions

The National Football League’s Transparency on Concussions

According to Jerome Bettis, a former professional football player and Pittsburg Steeler, the National Football League has taken advantage of players by not sharing all the information they know pertaining to risks associated with concussions. Professional football players experience extreme wear and tear on their body in a season, and typically have had a concussion at some point during their career. Bettis and 17 other Pro Football Hall of Fame members attended a week long expo in Jerusalem, Israel that shed light on to the new technology that the NFL could use for diagnosis of a concussion.

The former players were extremely encouraged by the NFL’s recent progress on concussion awareness, but they are still perplexed on the league’s transparency when dealing with concussions in the past. Many have accused the league of hiding information on proper concussion safety and protocol to further improve competition, so players would not have to miss any time due to injury. Concealing safety issues is a major concern for players in the NFL because this can affect the rest of their lives. A chronic traumatic encephalopathy, CTE, is an eternal health issue caused by a concussion that causes memory loss and brain damage, which some players deal with daily since they have retired. Will the NFL improve their concussion protocol to protect their employees? If not, there may be many lawsuits filed by former players against the NFL due to negligent treatment.

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