Pet Scam Alert

Pet Scam Alert

The Internet, social media, and your love for a dog, a beautiful, fluffy puppy, at a low price, makes the prospective new dog owner easy prey for a crook. The scam is particularly bad for searchers for a Pomeranian puppy. This scam is now common. The technique has been “perfected through trial and error, but the indications of fraud are relatively easy to spot. Easily avoided. Yet, good-natured dog lovers, young and old, with unlimited assets or modest resources, fall for the scam in increasing numbers.

Beware of Pet Scams in Jacksonville

How does the scam work? How to discover it before losing money? Consider the following. This is how it works:

Dog scammers have studied the human behavior, love of dogs, and wish to purchase a cute puppy online. A good quality Pomeranian, at minimal costs. Picture perfect. The Internet version of “how much is that doggie in the window”.   The scammers know today’s consumer log onto a computer, mobile phone, etc., and are captivated by a great looking website, well written, with a story that appears based on love and affection, rather than profit and greed. So the scammers create the ideal website, load it with photos of some of the best looking Pomeranians on earth, and offer the pups at a phenomenal price, far lower than anywhere else online, $250.00, $400.00, $500.00, shipping included. Scammers represent they aren’t professional breeders. They bred for love and want to share the love. No phone number is shown. Just a great story and an email address.   The story makes the scam look like it could’ve been written by Mr. Rogers for his neighborhood. Women telling the story, nice matrons are pictured. You are impressed, overwhelmed, imaging a dream come true, and you leap to reply to a good thing; a sure thing, an offer you can’t refuse You realize there is a limited supply; going fast. You write a response why this non-commercial breeder should grant your wish to adopt a puppy, one of ten or less.

Your common sense, reason, and business acumen is distracted by the deal. The benefits are so clear; risks so minimized.

Avoid Florida Pet Scams

If you were to have heard this story without living it, you might realize that

• The pup photos are all over the internet. That’s because the scammers stole them from other sites.
• The story is too perfect to be true.
• When you finally talk with a live person, the speaker typically has a thick accent. Their direction, verbal and written, is poor. You hear about someone in the family, typically the wife, being ill. The site Is new, email new, and the speaker, usually a male, is extremely polite and understanding. They avoid bank transfers, PayPal, or other customary means of payment. They ask for an Amazon card — a payment that is easily transferable. Once you pay the modest fee, they tell you they will ship the puppy to the local airport. Once you pay, they will ask for more money. You are conned into thinking these additional, increasing costs were unforeseen. Unexpected. Not foreseeable. USDA fees, taxes, Customs issues, 3-4 levels of air-conditioned metal crates, accessary under shipping laws, are payable up front but 85-95% fully refundable upon delivery. These costs are stacked sequentially, and they will bleed you dry until you are broke or refuse to pay any more.

If you think you have been caught in a Pet Scam contact our Jacksonville Law Firm right away to find out how you can protect yourself.

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