Guardianship and Probate

Florida Family Law Firm Guardianship and Probate cases involve some of the most personal, intimate, and endearing issues of the numerous issues families face in our civilization. The “tug on the emotional strings of protection” is tight and strong. When a loved one is in need of assistance from another family member because there are personal or property issues that person (the ward) needs help in protecting, the law allows for the guardianship process. This can occur for a minor or an adult at any age.

Similarly, when a loved one dies, the law recognizes there is a need for closure and resolution. Completing the “unfinished business” of the decedent, by administering to the property of the departed, involves trust, security, and a finality that don’t occur with the completion of a death certificate. The probate process converts chaos and uncertainty into an orderly transition between the past and the present.

We provide legal representation on both of these with sensitivity and direction.