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Florida Divorce Lawyer Dealing with sensitive family law matters including divorce, child custody, time sharing matters, child support, alimony, paternity, equitable distribution of property and domestic violence is very difficult for the parties involved. Our Jacksonville, FL family law attorneys understand the sensitive nature of family law matters. We work with our clients to identify their needs and the needs of their children so that we can protect their interests by finding a solution that is in their best interest.

Florida family law encourages parties to negotiate whenever possible to resolve family law matters. While mediation is an effective tool used by Florida family courts, not all cases can be settled through mediation. Our attorneys are both skilled negotiators as well as highly trained trial lawyers. They are prepared to represent your interests inside and outside of the courtroom.

Comprehensive Family Law Representation

Florida Divorce Attorney Family law matters are some of the most difficult and emotional experiences that a person can go through during his or her lifetime. Each family law case is different and presents different challenges for the parties involved and their attorneys. You cannot look at every case in the same way or treat each client as just another divorce or child custody case.

Our family law attorneys understand that you need competent, sound legal advice but that you also need the support of an attorney and legal staff who are familiar with the family law process. You can trust that our experience will make a tense situation less stressful for you. We will be with you during every step of the process whether it is petitioning for a dissolution of marriage or litigating over a contested custody matter.

Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer

If you and your partner are filing an uncontested divorce and you both agree on all divorce issues, the process to dissolve your marriage is usually quicker, less costly and less stressful. However, it still requires an attorney who understands Florida divorce laws and who knows how to move your case along quickly and efficiently.

On the other hand, if you and your spouse are contesting every issue from child custody and domestic support to distribution of marital property, you need an attorney with experience handling high-conflict divorces and high-asset divorces. Our Jacksonville, FL divorce attorneys are experienced in handling simple, uncontested divorces and collaborative divorces as well as complex divorces that require extensive litigation.

We also handle paternity actions where fathers are trying to assert their legal rights to be involved in their child’s life as well as mothers seeking to hold fathers responsible for child support. Our attorneys also help parents who are seeking more time with their child by modifying timesharing agreements and parenting plans that do not allow the parent to be an active participant in the child’s life.

Our Jacksonville, FL family law attorneys want to help you find the best possible solution for you and your children regardless of the type of family law matter you are facing. We will develop a legal strategy that is designed to address the unique circumstances of your case so that your goals and objections are met. Our comprehensive approach allows us to better assist our clients as they deal with sensitive family issues.

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“It All Begins with the Client”

At The Gregory Law Firm, our clients are our top priority. We have been representing clients in various family law matters since 1979. We use our trial experience and strong negotiating skills to help you find a solution to your family law issues. We are committed to working diligently to ensure that your rights are protected both inside and outside of the courtroom.

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