Cell Phone Use and the Increased Risk of Auto Accidents

Cell Phone Use and the Increased Risk of Auto Accidents

Cell phones are an integral part of day-to-day life, and many people can hardly remember a time when they didn’t have one constantly at their side. While cell phones offer a wide range of conveniences, it is important to consider when cell phone use is appropriate and when it is not.

Numerous studies have shown that cell phone use while driving significantly increases the risk of an auto accident. These car accidents can result in personal injuries, financial losses, and emotional trauma. Despite the risks, cell phones continue to be a hazard on the road, and they contribute to a large portion of yearly automobile accidents.

Victims of auto accidents involving cell phones should contact our Jacksonville, FL practice, Gregory Law Firm, to learn more about their legal right to financial compensation for accident damages.

Cell Phone Accident Statistics

The majority of people have heard the warnings about cell phone use while driving. Most states have even adopted hands-free laws due to the continual evidence regarding cell phone use and car accidents. Still, people continue to call, text, or read and send emails while they are driving. Most are not purposefully putting other’s lives at risks, but believe that they are capable of paying attention to both the road and their phone. No matter how confident someone may be that they can drive safely while using a cell phone, the following statistics say otherwise:

  • Cell phone use contributes to roughly one-quarter of the nation’s auto accidents, or close to two million accidents each year.
  • Car accidents caused by texting while driving result in over 300,000 injuries each year.
  • Texting while driving has been shown to increase the risk of an auto accident more than driving under the influence.
  • On average, it takes about five seconds to answer a text. During this time, a car driving at 55 mph can travel the entire length of a football field.
  • Cell phone use while driving is especially dangerous for teens. Teen drivers are four times more likely than adults to be involved in a car accident caused by cell phone use.

It is important to note that these statistics only take into account accidents in which cell phone use was an admitted factor. Considering instances when a driver lies about cell phone use, the actual number of car accidents caused by cell phone use is probably much higher.

Compensation for Damages

If an auto accident is the result of distracted driving due to cell phone use, the liable party can be held accountable for all damages caused by the accident. Victims of these auto accidents should seek representation at our law firm to learn more about their rights to financial compensation. Depending on the circumstances of the accident and the resulting damages, victims may be due compensation for losses such as pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost wages. It is important to speak with one of our experienced attorneys before accepting any settlement from the insurance company.

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