Pet Scam Alert

The Internet, social media, and your love for a dog, a beautiful, fluffy puppy, at a low price, makes the prospective new dog owner easy prey for a crook. The scam is particularly bad for searchers for a Pomeranian puppy. This scam is now common. The technique has been “perfected through trial and error, but the indications of fraud are relatively easy to spot. Easily avoided. Yet, good-natured dog lovers, young and old, with unlimited assets or modest resources, [...]

Auto Accidents Caused by Speeding

An auto accident is a traumatic event. Unfortunately, as shocking and scary as the accident itself can be, the consequences of a collision are even more severe. Car accidents often result in serious, and even life-altering injuries that can lead to long-term damages. Car accident injuries can cause physical pain and emotional stress, all while placing a financial burden on victims who must seek costly medical treatment. Sadly, most of these accidents are caused by the reckless or negligent actions [...]

Bush-Era Medical Malpractice Cap Ruled Unconstitutional

The Florida State Supreme Court ruled in a 4-to-3 decision the Bush-era medical malpractice cap unconstitutional. This is a significant decision for personal injury patients because it no longer limits pain-and-suffering damages in medical malpractice claims, which allows for higher amounts for recovery. The Florida Supreme Court’s majority opinion stated that caps on non-economic damage awards, “arbitrarily reduce damage awards for plaintiffs who suffer the most drastic injuries.” (North Broward Hospital District, Etc., Et Al. Vs Susan Kalitan, Et [...]

Cell Phone Use and the Increased Risk of Auto Accidents

Cell phones are an integral part of day-to-day life, and many people can hardly remember a time when they didn’t have one constantly at their side. While cell phones offer a wide range of conveniences, it is important to consider when cell phone use is appropriate and when it is not. Numerous studies have shown that cell phone use while driving significantly increases the risk of an auto accident. These car accidents can result in personal injuries, financial losses, and [...]

The Use of Maintenance Records in Trucking Accident Lawsuits

Trucking accidents are some of the most dangerous types of collisions on the road. Trucks are extremely heavy vehicles, and their weight is often increased further by the heavy loads they carry. As a result of this weight, trucking accidents frequently result in catastrophic personal injuries. When a trucking accident occurs, the trucking company is often quick to deny liability. They usually have an expensive legal team on their side, and may even attempt to conceal evidence that would prove [...]

The Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

Accidents can happen anytime, any place, and anywhere. When they occur, they can have lasting repercussions that literally change your life. Catastrophic injuries need to be taken very seriously, especially when another person or party is the reason for the injury occurring. The team at our Jacksonville law firm would like to consider the lasting impact of spinal cord injuries and then briefly note some of the common causes of these injuries. The Severity of a Spinal Cord Injury Spinal cord injuries [...]

The National Football League’s Transparency on Concussions

According to Jerome Bettis, a former professional football player and Pittsburg Steeler, the National Football League has taken advantage of players by not sharing all the information they know pertaining to risks associated with concussions. Professional football players experience extreme wear and tear on their body in a season, and typically have had a concussion at some point during their career. Bettis and 17 other Pro Football Hall of Fame members attended a week long expo in Jerusalem, Israel [...]

Offensive Trademarks are Unconstitutional

The United States Supreme Court struck down a 71 year old trademark law when it held that a ban on offensive trademarks is unconstitutional because it violated the 1St amendment. An Asian-American rock band called Slants prompted the Supreme Court’s decision after the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office found the band name to be offensive and denied their trademark request because it disparaged Asians. In a unanimous decision the Supreme Court held that the denial of the trademark infringed [...]