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Rodney G. Gregory, Esq. is the president and senior litigator of the Gregory Law Firm. He has successfully fought for clients in the courtroom and provided mentorship and guidance to other litigation attorneys in areas including personal injury cases, family law, and criminal defense.

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We provide experienced and intuitive legal representation to individuals and families suffering from personal injuries, involved in the criminal justice system, or occupied with difficult family matters. Led by Rodney G. Gregory, Esquire, since 1979, the Gregory Law Firm continues to actively serve the best interests of clients in a variety of legal issues ranging from complex litigation to simpler concerns. Our team uses tough but fair, time-tested legal skills to do gracefully what you must do anyway. Mr. Gregory has appeared on numerous occasions in print and electronic media to discuss high-profile cases, issues affecting local, state, and national concerns, and uses reason and persuasion in client presentations.

Gregory Law Firm is a boutique firm that has achieved justice and significant compensation for many individuals, families, and small businesses, serving them as a personal injury, family law, criminal defense, civil litigation, or car accident attorney. We help our clients wherever they are in the litigation process, and urge those facing difficult legal matters to discuss their case with us at our practice in Jacksonville, FL. Schedule a consultation for a free evaluation with us by using our online form or by calling (904) 722-2222.

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